OPPORTUNITY: MBE/WBE/DBE & Section 3 Commitment

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Local, Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Plan

Allied has a strong track record in the solicitation and contracting of local, minority and/or women owned businesses. We have worked in local communities for many years and have a list of loyal, dedicated businesses, many of which are minority or women owned. In addition to our own subcontractor and client base, Allied makes an effort to solicit new businesses.

Local Workforce Participation Plan

Allied uses a two tiered approach to engage locals, minorities, and/or women. First, identify the immediate geographic area of a given project and its surrounding zip codes and second, target said area for solicitation of businesses and workforce. Allied will consider individuals residing in the immediate project neighborhood. If the demands of the job are not met within this catchment area, Allied will further extend the search to neighboring zip codes and the surrounding metropolitan area.

As a construction manager or general contractor on the project, Allied’s direct hiring requirements are limited because most of the work is subcontracted. Hiring opportunities will be available by our subcontractors. Through its two tiered approach, Allied is able to provide the tools and the guidance to encourage and facilitate local workforce participation.